Call to Action: बालमजुरी इतिहासात जमा करण्यासाठी | End Child Labour

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world in a disarray. Loss of life, income will invariably have an impact on children increasing their vulnerabilities.

As the risk of child labour increasing looms over us, there is an urgent need to form alliances and build strong state wide network to tackle the issue. In this regard, we put a call out to students, social workers, activists, stakeholders from the government to come together to work towards ending child labour.

The first two meeting-cum-sessions from this initiative can be found below. A closed group has been formed from interested participants. If you wish to join this action group, please write to [email protected]

There is also an effort to crowdsource data on child labour & migrant workers in Maharashtra to help plan the work of this action group. We would be grateful if you can fill the form (click here).

बालमजुरी इतिहासात जमा करण्यासाठी – पहिली बैठक / End Child Labour First Meeting 27 June
बालमजुरी इतिहासात जमा करण्यासाठी – दुसरी बैठक / End Child Labour Second Meeting 11 July
बालमजुरी इतिहासात जमा करण्यासाठी – तीसरी बैठक / End Child Labour Third Meeting 25 July
बालमजुरी इतिहासात जमा करण्यासाठी – चौथी बैठक / End Child Labour Fourth Meeting 8 August