Children, Covid-19 & Lockdown – Facebook Live Series by Vidhayak Bharti

These are testing times and with the growing risk and uncertainties each day, our responsibility towards all children has only increased. Children and youth across are facing issues, albeit different kinds.

Our team in Nandurbar is working hard on the field in the tribal hamlets and we appreciate all those who are out doing relief work and community outreach to equip the communities we work with.

While the rest of us stay home, we decided to use the opportunity and bring you a space for information and discussion on all that is affecting our children now and what can we do?

Every Wednesday and Saturday, tune in with us at @Vidhayak Bharti on Facebook where we are discussing Children, Covid-19 & Lockdown.

What are the child protection issues that are surfacing right now? What are the issues parents are facing? What is happening with migrant workers and their children? Join the discussion!

Wednesdays: Santosh Shinde, our director & member of MSCPCR

Saturdays: Guest speakers who are experts from various fields

When: 4:30pm Where: Facebook @Vidhayak Bharti @Santosh Shinde Language: Marathi, Hindi

Past Sessions

Session 1: Santosh Shinde 26/4/2020
Session 2: Santosh Shinde 29/4/2020
Session 3: Maharudra Gitte 2/5/2020
Session 4: Santosh Shinde 6/5/2020
Session 5: Maharudra Gitte 9/5/2020
Session 6: Santosh Shinde 13/5/2020
Session 7: Maharudra Gitte 16/5/2020

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