Covid-19 Response in Nandurbar, Maharashtra

The times are unprecedented and everyone is working hard to help fellow citizens tide over hardships due to the virus and the subsequent lockdown. What has Vidhayak Bharti been doing during the lockdown? Our team in Nandurbar has been working hard with the District Administration to ensure accurate information reaches the remotest areas and those under distress are listened to and spoken to through community counselling for those quarantined.

Read on to know more and we have a small appeal as well.


We have been working in the district of Nandurbar since the past year and since the beginning of 2020 we began focused work in Dhadgaon Block with 10 villages to prevent child marriage, child labour and support at-risk children and young people. Nandurbar is a predominantly tribal district with a number of child protection issues arising from being a poorly developed area and high migration. 

The issues that need particular attention in Nandurbar are that of child marriage and child labour which are compounded by the high seasonal migration. Child marriage persists due to two factors: traditions and customs play and important role in keeping the practice alive. On the other hand, the economic need for labour in industries like sugar cane cutting which hire in pairs, causes the families to favour early marriages where the couple can be sent off to work. At brick kilns as well, children are pushed into work young. Due to migration, other issues emerge like early school leaving, risk of being neglected, facing several forms of abuse. Therefore children in these areas are highly susceptible to several child rights violation. There is fear that these issues can get aggravated due to the current pandemic and lockdown.

Vidhayak Bharti’s Covid-19 Response in Nandurbar

With the District Administration, we have already (as of today) reached out to over 100 people for general awareness at PHCs (Primary Health Centres) and villages. We have also provided counselling with respect to Covid-19 to 21 people who have been in quarantined for safety. The fears and worries are quite high among the community and there is also a risk of misinformation spreading and superstitions to take strong hold in these areas. To ensure there is no adverse impact due to lack of accurate information and timely emotional support, our coordinators have been travelling across (with local government’s support) holding sessions on Covid-19 and how it affects humans, the precautions to take and dispelling common misconceptions and myths around the virus. 

While we are working on child protection through 3 Child Resource Centres catering to 30 padas spread across in 10 villages, we have identified certain hygiene needs of the community arising due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. We work closely with the District Administration and are aware of their current limitations. While ration and other essentials are being provided, non-food essentials are not reaching families. These hamlets of Dhadgaon block are also physically located far so it has become crucial to procure provisions for 3 months.   

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We are looking to procure sanitary napkins for 858 adolescent girls (3 packs each) and soaps for 1966 (15 each) vulnerable households.

This supply should last them for 3 months. So a total of 2574 sanitary napkins and 29490 soaps is needed. 

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