Launch of Handbook on the roles & responsibilities of Child Protection Committee – CRY India & Vidhayak Bharti

Download Handbook: Roles & responsibilities of Child Protection Committee.

We are pleased to announce that the handbook we had been working on with CRY India on ‘Child Protection Committees’ (CPC) was released today through an online event.

A 2014 Maharashtra GR mandates the formation of Child Protection Committees at every village (rural) and ward (urban) level. Implementation of the same has been slow across the state but has picked up speed in the last 2-3 years. Section 106 of the Juvenile Justice (care & protection of children) Act, 2015 forms the legal basis of this order.

This Handbook is an effort to support and guide the responsible stakeholders and civil society members to implement this.

The launch was presided over by dignitaries and about 100 members from all over the state participated in the launch. We thank you for joining us!

“या स्तुत्य उपक्रमाबद्दल मी क्राय आणि विधायक भारती यांचे अभिनंदन करतो. सदर पुस्तिका सर्व बाल संरक्षण समित्यांना अधिक चांगले आणि प्रभावी पद्धतीने कार्य करण्यास मदत करेल.
आज जगाला ज्या परिस्थितीला सामोरे जावे लागले आहे त्यामुळे आपण आता अधिक कार्यक्षम असायला हवं. बाल संरक्षण समिती केवळ शहरातच नव्हे तर आपल्या खेड्यातही मजबूत करण्याची गरज आहे.”

– Shri Pravin Gughe, Chairperson, Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

The Handbook can be accessed through the link below.

Download Handbook: Roles & responsibilities of Child Protection Committee