Capacity Building

Strengthening all stakeholders is key to the vision we hold of a ‘child-friendly’ society. Take a look at the various stakeholders we work with.

More than 4800 government officials, teachers, non-teaching staff & children have been trained in issues of child rights and child protection in the last 3 years.

Children & Youth


We engage parents through ‘corner meetings’ and sessions. The topics typically cover child protection, consequences of corporal punishment and increasing communication and support to the child.

Teachers & School Management

We aim to equip the teachers with a rights based approach to teaching. Teachers are usually one of the most trusted groups of adults for the child and it is important that they are supported in playing their role in child protection.

Police (all ranks)

We conduct city level and state level training with the police on role of police in child protection, various laws related to children and basic orientation to child rights.

Government stakeholders

Other Organisations

We undertake training on child rights and child protection for other NGOs and organisations. In collaboration with Bal Haq Abhiyan, we had organised a training on Juvenile Justice Act for social workers of 5 organisations. We recently trained all staff of Children’s Aid Society over a duration of 6 weeks. This involved training support staff such as the cleaning staff, wardens, superintendents as well as senior management. We also trained staff from the NGO Akanksha.


With hospital staff, we conduct sessions on role of medical professionals in child abuse cases and orientation to child rights & child protection.

If you’d like to organise a workshop or session with your staff, students or in your locality, you can contact us.

If you’d like to conduct workshops yourself, see ‘Be A Child Rights Advocate’.

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