As a growing organisation, we rely on the support of volunteers and interns. We can promise you learning, a lot of freedom in deciding the plan of your work and a certificate/ letter of recommendation upon completion of your tasks.

Field Support

You can join us in our community work by helping us follow-up, building contacts in the community, conducting short surveys/information collection and organising sessions in the community.


For wide dissemination on the subject of child rights, we produce content in easy Marathi as that is the language of our primary stakeholders. We, however, need support in translating the work in Hindi and English. At the same time, some of our content which is in English needs to be translated in Marathi and Hindi. The work will be to understand the content and the perspective with which it has been and then translating it according to the target group in easy, “bol-chaal ki bhasha”.

We also welcome you to translate any of our work in any other language! Once you share the translated content, we can put it into our design and upload it onto the resources section on this website (you will get translation credit).


You can help us create relevant material for outreach in Marathi, Hindi or English (these are most widely used by the people we work with). We invite you to help us build our social media platform and write for our blog as well.

Illustrator/Graphic Design

Visually appealing content gets read and remembered easily. Help us make content beautiful. There are many exciting resources we want to create for all stakeholders and you can be part of this process. We need help in putting our thoughts and message in carefully illustrated images and design.


Collaborate with us if you want to produce thought provoking video content for children’s issues and/or educational content for children and adults on child rights. We encourage content to be produced in languages other than English.

We have mentioned a few areas of work where we need help, but if you feel you want to explore something that is not mentioned on this page, you are welcome to contact us and discuss it!